Let me upgrade you

Over the holiday I spent some time upgrading my desktop computer. Without breaking down for a new motherboard and cpu, I looked at upgrading my graphics card. The old graphics card, a GTX 550, I got back when Skyrim was first released

Yo dawg, I heard you liked upgrades, So we need you to buy more upgrades. There was a huge difference between the two cards. A difference that created a delay in the upgrade process. The new GTX 970 card has a minimum recommended system power of 600w. Looking inside the Fractal case reveals a weak 380w power supply.

While online shopping for the needed power supply, there was a shortage of good units. Finding the desired Sea Sonic XFX unit out of stock at a number of retailers I splurged for a different Sea Sonic model. The Snow Silent platinum rated 750w beast.

Going modular. If you're building a PC and have not considered a modular power supply, Think again! The Snow Silent packaging was an experience. A modular cable system is essential for a painless build process.

Let's play. In review, Sea Sonic has made a power supply worth splurging on. The snow silent is barely noticeable, spinning up only to boot. Nvidia has a great lineup on the market. It's been easy-going using the card with both Linux and Steam. To think all this started to get Ark: Survival Evolved playable.

I'll get to that after another game of League of Legends.