"linux sucks"

2016, What a great year to get into linux. The landscape in free software has changed. In the past year I've seen the popularity of arch linux explode. I write this post on a relatively fresh install of Manjaro. One of the few Arch Linux Derivates. Manjaro now stands in the top 5 linux distributions.[1] One year ago Arch was left unrepresented within the top 10 distributions.

Xfce Desktop Environment

In my youth, I associated Linux with gnome2 becoming rather familiar with the environment. With the rise of gnome3, i found myself looking to the past for desktop environment. I have good opinion of the gnome2 derivatives such as mate, and cinnamon. Two years ago now, I decided to give xfce4 after a friendly chat with a network administrator about his favorite environment and I have yet to look back on any other environments. Most distributions have an XFCE flavor .iso including Ubuntu.
[1] Distrowatch