RE: To use wordpress or not?

As someone who is intimate with the world of webmasters I am subscribed to the r/wordpress sub-reddit where u/aveneon began a conversation on 'To use wordpress or not'. His concerns on building a website are about having a 'Clean' style, admin panel, and Twitter integration. Here is my take from both sides of the fence as someone who has managed wordpress before and is now running the Ghost platform.

Why use Wordpress?

  1. PHP is your language of choice. If PHP is familiar to you, Wordpress will fit right into your technology stack without a headache. PHP7 has improved performance and is a very popular language for dynamic websites.

  2. Wordpress wins the popularity contest. As a novice wordpress would be initially appealing because it powers an incredible percentage of the web and has more documentation than any other content management system. There are more themes that follow current design trends and plugins for social media functions.

  3. Wordpress is mature. This is mostly an extension of our second point, but the maturity of an open source project such as Wordpress is a major selling point. The maturity of the project brings stability and very powerful in terms of features.

Why not use Wordpress?

  1. You could care less about PHP. In my honest opinion I don't see PHP7 being a good things for the future web. JavaScript frameworks provide so much to the front end without needing PHP and scaling a JavaScript application on the server with Node.js makes much more sense to me, without needing another syntax for your server side code.

  2. Wordpress is a security target. There are many hackers out there looking for a way to monopolize on your website. The downside of winning the popularity contest is the appeal for attackers. The commonalities between your site and others will be tested for exploits and will require a close eye for management.

  3. Another blog engine, For example Ghost, can be used to similar success in place of wordpress. All those features come at a price, bandwidth, performance, and everything else can be improved by using something that weighs down your server a little less.