Feed Me Live at The Exchange

Amplitude is back with event number xxx. TC Presents brings the legendary Feed Me for another show. The last time Feed Me was here in 2014 at First Avenue with support from Delta Heavy. This time he's back with No Mana.

First I'd like to talk about the openers. The first set I caught must have been a local DJ who was playing Dubstep. Probably not the best choice to start, but whatever. I was really wishing Feed Me would've brought another Sotto Voce artist with him as an opener. I'm dying to see Memtrix or the likes of Tinlicker. Turns out No Mana was quiet the suprise. I was able to avoid spoilers by not checking him out before the show, but I was really into the tracks he was playing. Lately anyone can tell you about the love for techno I've been in.

I wasn't expecting Feed Me to get on the decks so late. It was a good thing that I didn't work the next day. I was really happy with the mix that Jon played. There was all of the new tracks that he was touring but in addition he played some of my favorites like One Click Headshot and Rock n' Roll.

Overall I had a great time seeing Feed Me, I can highly recommend this venue because it was very clean and provided a great atmosphere for the show. Will be waiting for the next time Feed me comes to town.

Until next time :)