January 28th - Celebrate and Observe Data Privacy Day

Quick things you can do while watching a movie

Over the years I have been a member of several sites that have been pwnd. I can recall a time when Diablo 3 was popular enough that I found myself compromised and working with Blizzard on recovering my battle.net account.

To name a few sites that I found myself in 000webhost, MPGH, dropbox, adobe, and tumblr. Troy Hunt is the man behind the amazing website. note to self; copy his buy me beer page...

  • Run windows update

I have a love hate relationship with windows 10 and fully understand if you're still clinging to windows 7, but take a moment to check for updates. These are very imporatant fo any machines on the internet today.

If you're still running vista or xp I can't stress the importance of a clean install with a currently supported operating system.

  • Step up your password game

Updating passwords can be a pain but observing Data Privacy Day would be time well spent. There are a number of tools a person could use to simplify this process such as, keepass, 1password, lastpass, dashlane, or roboform.

Personally, I find myself using keepass the most. I've been meaning to write a review for roboform about a mostly positive experience my only complaint being the lack of linux support. The remaining I have spent the least amount of time on and can hardly make comment.

An often over looked security features of many products now is secondary authentication. A number of high-profile accounts can have an addition layer of security that can stop an attacker from gaining access.


Those are some top priorieties before getting sucked into a never ending list of security optimizations. Figured it's been awhile since I've posted an update here :)