Thrift Thursday Special - February 2nd 2017

First off, One of my goals this year is to expand the topics that I write about here. Professionally I am all about Information Security, and that is a serious business, but I want to hold to a platform where I can talk about other fun stuff like games.

So here I am writing about thrift shopping, one of my favorite hobbies. I'm going to break down my expensive, how little I paid for some cool stuff, along with what all I found while I was out. This is in part inspired by Lazy Game Reviews youtube thrift videos. Now I don't have cool eye wear to record what I'm looking at, so you'll just have to settle for pictures from my hauls.



  • 5.99 Electronic Assorted
  • 4.99 Video Game
  • 1.99 Record
  • 3.99 Toys

Good Will

  • 2.99 Toy / Games
  • 0.99 Toy / Games
  • 0.99 Toy / Games

Video Games

I was just talking to a friend recently about needing GameCube Controllers. For the low price just under 10$ combined I was able to pick up two Nintendo brand controllers. I was super excited when I found the first purple controller hanging up around Unique and thought to myself it couldn't be when I saw the second black controller later that day in a Good Will grab bag. That never happens, I've been a habitual thriftier for awhile and have never seen these controllers on the shelf before.

In addition I picked up a ps2 game complete with manual and disk looking in good shape for Dynasty Warrior 4. This will be a good addition to my collection in progress.

Board Games

Loopin Chewy, I could write about this one all day. My friends and I celebrated the new year by playing Looping Louie, one of my favorite guilty pleasures. As an adult you can add extra fun to the game by playing competitive drinking rules. (please be responsible).
In short, I regard this as a semi-rare find, and am always happy to pick up branded variants of any game. Sponge bob uno, Like above, I grabbed this because I couldn't resist having sponge bob art uno cards. Guess Who, I Didn't originally have this game, so I'll add it to the collection today.

Get Loopin' Chewie on


The last find I just couldn't leave in the store despite it's poor condition. Hopefully I can restore some glory to this timeless record. It's a